The long awaited NetSuite Localization Package is finally in Poland

10 November 2017

The long awaited NetSuite Localization Package is finally in Poland

Head of IT Consulting at RSM Poland

We have something to be happy about - the long awaited NetSuite Localization Package is available in Poland from the start of November! The happiness is doubled because this took place thanks to our company (yes, we have cause to boast) - we comprehensively adjusted the NetSuite software to the requirements of the Accounting Act as well as the tax law.

As of today, our clients will be able to easily prepare a Standard Audit File-Tax directly from the NetSuite system or calculate a VAT-7 declaration in editable format. This facilitation is especially important and useful, as in accordance with the regulation of the Minister of Finance, as of 1 January 2018, the obligation to submit a SAF-T will cover all VAT payers regardless of the amount and of the date of registration. From now on, preparing e-declaration files will take less than 5 minutes, and the Official Confirmation of Receipt (OCR) will guarantee the correctness of the submitted documents. In other words - we got this!

The NetSuite localization package is an entire range of benefits that you can read about here (and we warmly invite you to do so).

I can say with a clear conscience that in my assessment, thanks to the application of the Polish NetSuite Localization Package, an enterprise can, to a significant degree, lower the costs of carrying out accounting in the NetSuite system, eliminating external systems as well as safeguard against serious errors, the effects of which can be fines and audits by the Tax Office.


Head of IT Consulting

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