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We offer comprehensive support within tax consulting services. Our goal is to help our clients realise and identify areas of risk and by cooperating with them find solutions that will allow to minimise threats. Direct and close cooperation between advisor and client, a good understanding of the business, its organisation and principles are in our opinion essential to achieve goals. Thanks to our support and  comprehensive tax advisory the client is free to focus on operational issues and not worry about tax problems.

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Courts side with taxpayers, or a collection of true stories. Does appealing against a defectively served ruling cure the mistake made by tax authorities?

11 May 2022
Not many taxpayers are aware of the fact that procedural regulations, i.e. regulations governing how tax audits, tax and customs inspections and tax proceedings should be conducted, are as important as the substantive regulations, i.e. those that regulate the way taxpayers are supposed to prepare their returns.

Mandatory B2B electronic invoicing coming soon

13 April 2022
The European Commission has approved Poland’s request to introduce mandatory structured invoicing (e-invoicing) via the National e-Invoicing System (abbreviated as “KSeF”).

Non-Deductible Expenses Under Article 15e of the CIT Act after Changes Introduced by the Polish Deal

28 March 2022
Piotr WYRWA, Wawrzyniec ŻBIKOWSKI
Article 15e, in force until the end of 2021, limited the taxpayer’s right to treat expenses on intangible services purchased from related parties as tax-deductible costs. This provision caused many concerns, and it seems that they continue despite the fact that the said provision has been repealed…

Act on Assistance to Ukrainian Citizens: tax implications

28 March 2022
On 12 March 2022, the Polish parliament adopted an Act on Assistance to Ukrainian Citizens. It was signed by the President and published in the Journal of Laws of the Republic of Poland the very same day. This Special Act, implemented in the wake of the armed conflict in Ukraine, brings many changes, including amendments of the PIT and CIT acts.

Major Changes in Legislation in 2022 Known as the Polish Deal

2 February 2022
The Polish Deal that entered into force on 1 January 2022 (with certain exceptions) involves a number of major changes both for companies and natural persons. The changes in 26 legal acts have been introduced in one big package. They have a great impact on crucial things from the taxpayer’s perspective, such as health insurance premiums, personal allowances, new tax thresholds and a range of other regulations. In the article below, we are going to discuss the most important ones the entrepreneurs surely cannot afford to overlook. We have already addressed these changes in detail on our blog, and we encourage you to read it.