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We offer comprehensive support within tax consulting services. Our goal is to help our clients realise and identify areas of risk and by cooperating with them find solutions that will allow to minimise threats. Direct and close cooperation between advisor and client, a good understanding of the business, its organisation and principles are in our opinion essential to achieve goals. Thanks to our support and  comprehensive tax advisory the client is free to focus on operational issues and not worry about tax problems.

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What is DAC7 and whom does it affect?

2 September 2022
Monika SMAGA
Poland is introducing regulations that will impose new reporting obligations on digital platform operators. Sellers should also pay attention to these changes, as they can expect more inspections to be carried out by tax authorities in order to verify the correctness of tax settlements.

Posting an employee from Ukraine to Poland

2 September 2022
Due to the ongoing war in their homeland, many Ukrainian employers have decided to post their employees to work in Poland. However, this move has specific implications in terms of personal income tax and social insurance. What must a Ukrainian entrepreneur remember while hiring employees residing in Poland?

SLIM VAT 3 and the provisions on the CESOP implementation. What changes is the Polish Ministry of Finance preparing?

26 August 2022
SLIM VAT 3 includes a package of solutions that - as the Polish Finance Ministry promises - will be simplifications and provide tax authorities with tools to combat VAT fraud. The draft is currently in the public consultation phase. At the same time, legislation implementing the provisions on the European Central Electronic System of Payment Information (CESOP), to which data on transactions and taxpayers are to be sent, is being processed and is still moving forward.

Indirect tax haven transactions – first thoughts of the tax authorities

6 June 2022
The Ministry of Finance, the Transfer Pricing Forum and the Director of the National Revenue Administration Information Centre in many documents try to interpret the provisions on transactions with the so-called tax havens. Unfortunately, the explanations we receive are not always what the taxpayers want. In the individual ruling of 11 January 2022, the Director of the National Revenue Administration Information Centre presented a position unfavourable for taxpayers regarding the so-called tax haven transactions. How can this affect entities carrying out indirect tax haven transactions?

Working from home allowance and your personal income tax

3 June 2022
As we have already discussed it in our earlier articles, in the wake of the introduction of the coronavirus epidemic state in 2020, provisions of the Act of 2 March 2020 on Special Solutions Related to Preventing, Counteracting and Combating COVID-19, Other Infectious Diseases and Emergency Situations Caused by Them (known as the Special Act) came into force. The aforementioned regulations provide for the possibility of an employer ordering an employee to work from home. This possibility covers only the period of an epidemic state, state of epidemic emergency and 3 months after there are revoked. What should be noted, however, is that remote work can be performed after the said periods, as well, if only pursuant to the provisions of the Labour Code (under what is known as telework).