RSM Poland


Company history

We started our activity in Poland when entrepreneurs had only just begun to realise the importance of professional tax and economic consultancy for their business activity. Our first steps on the advising companies market were taken in 1991 as a tax and legal company. In 1996, due to the increase of the demand for our services, we separated into two independent entities: the Legal Office and the Tax Advisory Company (Spółka Doradztwa Podatkowego Spółka Akcyjna), which was the third company of its kind in Poland. In 2004 we continued the segmentation of our business by separating from our structure a consulting unit – European Economic Advisory (Europejskie Doradztwo Gospodarcze Spółka Akcyjna). The changes came in response to the growing demand for economic advisory services. In the beginning of 2005 we completed our offer with adding auditing services, thus founding our Auditing Company.

In the middle of 2009, after an over six months due diligence process, we became the only firm in Poland with membership to RSM International. Thus, on 26th October 2015 we changed our name to "RSM", following a global rebranding of the RSM International network. The world's 6th largest network of independent auditing and consulting firms adopted "RSM" as the global brand name for all member companies. Adopting a common name will support RSM's worldwide position as the advisory firm for entrepreneurial and development-oriented organisations. The network's members remain independent companies, but will now operate under a common brand - RSM. Thanks to cooperation within the RSM network, we can support our clients with   knowledge and experience even better, on both local and global level. More information about RSM International at

At the beginning of June 2019 RSM Poland completed the purchase of Denzel Polska, an accounting company with a well-established market position in consulting services in Katowice. Due to the takeover, now RSM Poland Team consists of more than 230 professional staff – tax advisors, statutory auditors, accountants, payroll specialists, lawyers and experienced consultants, operating in our state-of-the-art offices in Poznań, Warsaw, Szczecin and Katowice and offering our clients a full range of advisory services under the shared brand – RSM.

Nowadays, our specialists supported by many years of experience in solving problems of entrepreneurs from almost every sector, help our clients providing services of the legal, fiscal, economic, audit advisory, as well as accounting services and EU funds acquisition. Such wide offer of services, make our clients sure, that whatever problems they have during their business activity, they will be able to overcome them with our help.

We hope that just like hundreds of our clients, you will trust our experience and allow us to support you in making the right decisions.

We are looking forward to cooperating with you – come and visit us at RSM's offices in Poznań, Warsaw, Szczecin and Katowice.