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Corporate services

Our team provides comprehensive assistance in the process of company incorporation – from support in choosing a suitable form of business activity, through drafting the company deed, any other appropriate agreements as well as liaison with the notary, sworn translator and bank, to drafting and submitting all registration documents to relevant authorities. In our offer you will find completely registered limited liability companies (Sp. z o. o.) ready to start business. The offer is addressed to persons/enterprises willing to purchase a ready company and immediately start operating. RSM Poland offers comprehensive service in registering a branch in Poland – from making a formal entry into the National Court Register (KRS) to notifying the relevant tax office and statistical office. Apart from registration, we are happy to offer any other services required for the proper and lawful operation of a foreign entrepreneur's company branch, such as accountancy, tax and legal services.

Commercial proxy - a good spirit of the company? ...

24 April 2017
Karolina HAHN
Each lawyer, but also almost every entrepreneur, at least once in his/her professional life encountered the institution of COMMERCIAL PROXY, which is an example of a classic commercial law institution. Simply put, it can be said that every commercial proxy is a power of attorney but not every power of attorney is a commercial proxy.

Poznań - an ideal place for investments according to the "Poland. Your Place to Invest 2017” Report

16 March 2017
The high rating granted by the Fitch agency, the second highest GDP per capita in Poland (EUR 20,180) and the ever increasing office real estate offer are just some of Poznań's advantages listed in the "Poland Your Place to Invest 2017" Report.

Legalisation of documents when a company is established – what is an apostille?

2 March 2017
Karolina CHOMIK
Establishment of a company in Poland requires the submission of multiple documents before the state authorities and institutions, e.g. the National Court Register. When a shareholder of the established company is a foreign-invested entity, the number of required documents increases by those drawn up abroad. Upon the preparation of relevant documents, foreign entrepreneurs are obliged to legalise them. Then what?

Well-dressed Polish people

27 January 2016
The estimated value of the clothing and footwear industries in Poland in 2014 amounted to 7.3 billion euro[1] and was higher in relation to the previous year by 5.6%. The clothing segment recognized an increase by 5.9% in relation to 4.5% of the growth of the footwear industry. It is worth noticing that in the stretch of the last four years, the entire branch was growing steadily at 4%, with the exception of 2012, where a slight decrease was noticed (- 1.6% in the footwear industry compared to 0.5% in the clothing segment). In 2014, most of the branch companies expanded their sales network, which in connection with a growing demand translated into the increase in revenues.

Sunny revolution – will RES ignite Polish economy?

9 November 2015
In years to come, RES should constitute one of the fastest growing areas of economy in Poland which also results from the fact that this is still a fledgling market when compared to other EU countries. Opportunity for growth is, therefore, much greater here than on relatively saturated Western European markets.

Strategic companies under protection

17 September 2015
1st October 2015 will see the Act on control of certain investments of 24th July 2015 become effective. The law aims at protecting strategic Polish companies from hostile takeover, thus improving state security and public order.

Poland – a magnet for foreign investors

14 September 2015
As noted by Puls Biznesu, in the first half of 2015 alone, 6,584 companies with a foreign capital share have been registered in Poland, which is 50% more than in all of the previous year. The data confirms the positive trend, which began earlier - in 2014 a 20% increase in the number of companies possessing foreign investors registered in the National Court Register was noted (compared to 2013).

Small business = great opportunities, also abroad

7 August 2015
Whilst browsing the Internet recently, I came across an interesting report dedicated to economic and trade cooperation between Poland and Italy. Among a lot of interesting data referred to in this publication, I paid attention particularly to these relating to the size of Italian companies which invest in Poland.

Poland through the eyes of foreign investors

9 June 2015
In today’s post  I would like to share my impressions from a meeting with representatives of A+network Association, in which I participated on 17 April this year in Bologna. The meeting was devoted to Poland and opportunities the country gives to foreign investors, in particular to Italian businesspeople.

When does a company receive a VAT number?

4 May 2015
The completeness of company registration procedure is of material importance for entrepreneurs wishing to start up their business in Poland. From 1 December 2014, new regulations that are supposed to simplify the registration process of the entity into the tax office and the Statistical Office, came into force. Indeed, from then on, once the company is entered into the register of entrepreneurs of the National Court Register,  it is also entered into the register of taxpayers (receives a NIP) and, at the same time, granted the National Business Registry Number (Polish REGON). Entrepreneurs can finally start operating.