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Business success often hinges upon the quality of bookkeeping and accounting processes in the organisation. In the current reality, however, bookkeeping becomes quite a challenge, if only due to the complexity of accounting processes, changing tax requirements along with discrepancies in the interpretation of legal regulations.

A professional accountant has to keep abreast of the changes in VAT, CIT and accounting issues. In the face of numerous amendments, they need to devote more and more time to monitor the current legislation. The time load and money it takes often bring a business owner to a point where they have to make a choice: whether to develop in-house accounting or opt for outsourced accounting and hire an external accounting company.

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What are the benefits of outsourced accounting?

If you have a professional accountant providing services for you, you can be rest assured that your books are kept in accordance with the legislation currently in force while your income and expenses are properly accounted for. In the case of companies operating in the international environment, outsourced accounting can often be more attractive in financial terms than having an in-house accounting team.

If you hand over your accounting to a trusted partner, your business will gain space and time for planning how to grow. What is important, the accounting office you select will not only take on the responsibility for updating the expertise and keeping track of the changing legislation, but also the responsibility for the timely filing of any statements and reports required by law, including your tax returns.

How to find a good accounting company that meets the actual needs of your company?

When comparing outsourced accounting offers, it is a good idea to ask yourself the following question: do outsourced accounting services being offered meet all your expectations, not only when it comes to ongoing support, but also other aspects, such as document circulation, preparing reports, tax returns and data security.

An important criterion for selecting your outsourced accounting partner should go beyond the costs of service, and include experience and industry insight, because sometimes it is the nuances that affect the key decisions. In such cases, outsourced accounting services may actually give a solid boost to your business, thus helping it grow.

Outsourced accounting: benefits

At RSM Poland, we know all too well how important it is for the client that we know the ropes as regards their business and we ensure ongoing support. That is why, from the very first day, we delegate a dedicated team that is well versed in the specifics of their business and the industry in which they operate. Each team is headed by an experienced manager who ensures the highest quality of service owing to their experience and expertise in the field of accounting and taxes.

As a company belonging to an international network of consulting and auditing companies, we support each and every client in growing their business, not only in the field of accounting support, but also in taking all kinds of financial decisions.

If you are thinking of improving the area of financial management in your organisation, we suggest you learn the details of our offer.

We provide services in the area of comprehensive outsourced accounting services, such as: bookkeeping, VAT and CIT settlements, preparing financial statements and reports (required by law or prepared at the client’s request). We care about the security of our client’s data; we rely on tried and tested cloud solutions in our daily work and we work both on our own and client’s systems.

The outsourced accounting we offer is a guarantee of business security and timely settlements in accordance with the legislation in force, and it comes with a whole range of complimentary services for you to choose from.


What is DAC7 and whom does it affect?

2 September 2022
Monika SMAGA
Poland is introducing regulations that will impose new reporting obligations on digital platform operators. Sellers should also pay attention to these changes, as they can expect more inspections to be carried out by tax authorities in order to verify the correctness of tax settlements.

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Due to the ongoing war in their homeland, many Ukrainian employers have decided to post their employees to work in Poland. However, this move has specific implications in terms of personal income tax and social insurance. What must a Ukrainian entrepreneur remember while hiring employees residing in Poland?

Mandatory B2B electronic invoicing coming soon

13 April 2022
The European Commission has approved Poland’s request to introduce mandatory structured invoicing (e-invoicing) via the National e-Invoicing System (abbreviated as “KSeF”).

Major Changes in Legislation in 2022 Known as the Polish Deal

2 February 2022
The Polish Deal that entered into force on 1 January 2022 (with certain exceptions) involves a number of major changes both for companies and natural persons. The changes in 26 legal acts have been introduced in one big package. They have a great impact on crucial things from the taxpayer’s perspective, such as health insurance premiums, personal allowances, new tax thresholds and a range of other regulations. In the article below, we are going to discuss the most important ones the entrepreneurs surely cannot afford to overlook. We have already addressed these changes in detail on our blog, and we encourage you to read it.

When should the financial and accounting programme be changed? Basic issues related to the implementation of new software for accounting

14 January 2022
With the end of the old year and the advent of the new one, some business owners and chief accountants are considering changing the accounting software. It is a difficult decision and not only does it have serious consequences in terms of tax settlements, but also often involves high costs of purchasing a licence and implementing appropriate software.