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We will talk about the latest NetSuite solutions

17 April 2018
We became a Partner of the meeting "Oracle NetSuite - what is your NEXT? Innovative companies operating on NetSuite", during which Hubert SKRUKWA, our Head of IT Consulting, will present the most interesting aspects of that software - which is included in our company’s offer.

Updating customer data using the Central Statistical Office API

4 April 2018
Grzegorz GRACZYK
Everyone using ERP systems knows that uploading large volumes of data, such as customer data, is very time-consuming. At the beginning of the year, our IT Consulting Department reached out to prospective customers and their expectations by offering them a new functionality, i.e. the option to download and quickly edit customer data on the basis of their tax identification number (NIP), using the Central Statistical Office API. Owing to this integration with the CSO system, the user can save time and avoid many errors that could otherwise result from entering the data manually.

Even more facilitations in the NetSuite system

27 November 2017
Grzegorz GRACZYK
After a great deal of effort, our team has finally managed to automate the process of downloading foreign exchange rates into the NetSuite system.

The long awaited NetSuite Localization Package is finally in Poland

10 November 2017
We have something to be happy about - the long awaited NetSuite Localization Package is available in Poland from the start of November! The happiness is doubled because this took place thanks to our company (yes, we have cause to boast) - we comprehensively adjusted the NetSuite software to the requirements of the Accounting Act as well as the tax law.

NetSuite in Poland

26 January 2017
With the beginning of 2017, RSM Poland, as one of the first companies in Poland, is launching a comprehensive IT service supporting the NetSuite system.

IT Services

30 November 2016
We specialise in the implementation, optimisation and localisation (translation and adaptation to Polish requirements and standards) of the NetSuite software. Our goal is to ensure that the IT system is tailored to the IT needs of your company, complies with the requirements of the Accounting Act and the Tax Law, and brings tangible benefits to the business.