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As your transaction partner, we are ready to support you at every stage with the long-term experience gained while participating in company purchase, sale and merger projects, both in Poland and abroad:

  • We perform due diligence in the finance, tax and legal field;
  • In cooperation with external professionals we perform due diligence in IT, HR, environmental protection and technology;
  • We provide company valuation;
  • We optimise tax-wise transactions of company acquisition;
  • We assist you in the negotiation process;
  • We prepare the transaction's legal documentation;
  • We perform vendor due diligence;
  • If the acquired company is operating also abroad (or only abroad), we cooperate with RSM firms located in the relevant country, coordinate the work of teams in various locations and remain your primary contact in the process.

Succession and its alternatives – summary of discussion panels

25 June 2018
Succession is generally a lengthy and legally, fiscally and financially complex process that can take many years to complete. If you want to feel safe and at the same time provide safety to your loved ones, you need to have an emergency plan in place that is not easy to prepare, especially in view of many responsibilities that arise from running a business. The discussion panels organized by us were supposed to show the entrepreneurs how to create such a plan and where to look for support.

About the challenges faced by family businesses - next discussion panels in Szczecin and Poznań

10 May 2018
Together with the Accountants Association in Poland in Greater Poland and the Northern Chamber of Commerce, we are the organiser of the  next discussion panels which will take place on 7 June in Szczecin and 21 June in Poznań, devoted to the topic of succession in family businesses. The meeting is dedicated to the owners and representatives of family businesses. During the panel, our company will be represented by Bartosz MIŁASZEWSKI, Managing Partner, as a speaker.

Succession and its alternatives - we invite you to a discussion panel

18 April 2018
Together with the Regional Association of Private Employers of Ziemia Łódzka, we are the organiser of a discussion panel committed to exploring the idea of succession in family-owned companies as well issues connected with GDPR, which shall take place on 26 April 2018 in the Provincial Centre of Entrepreneurship in Łódź. The event is under the auspices of the President of Łódź, and its partners include companies such as Credit Value Investment and Premium Trainings. The meeting is dedicated to the owners as well as representatives of family-owned businesses.

M&A transactions– one step after another with no slips (part 1)

22 March 2018
Katarzyna BUDA
Mergers and acquisitions have been the basis of corporate development for the past one hundred years. An increase in trust and an improvement of the company situation, as well as access to sources of stable funding have contributed to a significant expansion of the global perspective within the area of M&A. An economic crisis is also conducive to the processes of company consolidation.

Mergers and takeovers - a solution to many problems

20 February 2018
Katarzyna BUDA
Enterprises functioning on today's market mainly develop in an organic manner, increasing their revenues, profits as well as market position through their internal actions, such as acquiring new clients, introducing new products and services, searching for new markets and distribution channels. Organic growth requires the effective and efficient taking of decisions and strategy planning on the part of the management. That's why inorganic growth is an uniquely interesting alternative.

5 things to consider when purchasing a foreign entity

18 October 2017
Expansion into foreign markets is a great development opportunity for many companies, but it is also often fraught with high risks. Therefore, when acquiring a foreign company, additional factors that do not have such significance in the case of domestic transactions should be considered.

How to lay the groundworks for the sale of a family-run business?

18 October 2017
The sale of a family business is always a far more difficult a process than its divestiture by means of a fund or a large corporation. Selling a family business means a great change for both the entrepreneur - the business owner, and the staff. It also exerts an inevitable impact on the relationships with customers and suppliers. However, such a change primarily affects the owner and staff.

Standardisation of EBITDA, or operating profit in the calculation of a company's goodwill

15 March 2017
An interesting matter is that it is often easier to buy or sell a big company employing thousands of workers with income counted in billions rather than a company that has several or several dozen employees and generates revenue of (just) several or several dozen million. And paradoxically, it is not about the price that needs to be paid for such an enterprise.

Post merger integration: Failing to plan is planning to fail

13 March 2017
Integrating two companies remains one of the most difficult aspects of a mergers and acquisitions deal. More than 70 percent of post-merger integrations fail to capture planned synergies and value. Why?

Organisation of the due diligence process – part 4

13 February 2017
Krzysztof WOŹNIAK
Basically, the place where documents are made available by the seller to the auditor for inspection is the so-called data room. There are two ways to share information in order to carry out due diligence...