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Business training

We are always happy to share experience during our regularly organised open trainings sessions, as well as dedicated training sessions prepared on assignment.

The open training sessions we organise on a regular basis concern mainly tax law (personal income tax and VAT), business activity law and accountancy.

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Breakfast with the Advisor of RSM Poland – a report from the autumn meetings

16 December 2014
Our experts met our current and prospective clients to cooperatively solve problems of day‑to‑day life in companies, as part of a series of meetings "Breakfast with an Advisor", during a four-day training in Warsaw (14-15 October and 4-5 November), two days in Poznań (28‑29 October) and one day in Rzeszów (10 December). You will find information about next Breakfasts with RSM Poland Advisors in the News tab. You are kindly invited to participate!

RSM Poland invites you to "Breakfast with an Advisor" in Rzeszów

7 November 2014
We are pleased to announce that the third edition of "Breakfast with an Advisor", our company’s project, has just begun. This time, the series of meetings will take place on 10 December 2014 in Rzeszów and their main topic will be changes in taxes in 2015. Participation in the meetings is free of charge. Yet, since our intention is to ensure a cosy and rather intimate form of training, the number of participants is limited. A detailed schedule of "Breakfast with an Advisor" can be found in the Invitation. We invite you to register on-line!

RSM Poland invites you to "Breakfast with an Advisor 2014"

30 September 2014
We would like to inform you about the second edition of practical meetings with our advisors called  “Breakfast with an Advisor”. Our last-year positive experiences and the huge interest from our clients encouraged us to offer this form of meetings with our clients, their business partners and companies willing to take part in European Business Awards competition once again. For a detailed schedule of “Breakfast with an Advisor” click the link Download.