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Audit & assurance

Our team provides comprehensive audit services in terms of fulfilling the company's legal obligations. We also ensure professional external audits for EU projects. However, simply performing the audit and delivering a raw opinion is not something we want to limit ourselves to. Our clients are always provided with detailed information as to make sure that data coming from accountants honestly reflects the actual situation of their business.

Books of Account in an enterprise: Monday reflections on selected problems of our time...

11 May 2021
It has been a while since my last post on the principles of accounting, and yet, over this long time I have had a number of discussions about my last blog article that helped me collect so many responses and concerns from my readers that I can now revisit the issues I discussed back then, this time from a slightly different perspective.

Mergers of Trading Companies Under the Accounting Act Part 2

6 May 2021
In the case of a merger of companies where the existing shareholders do not lose control over companies after the merger, the pooling of interests method referred to in Article 44c of the AA can be applied. In particular, this applies to mergers of direct or indirect subsidiaries of the same parent company, as well as to mergers of a lower-tier parent company and its subsidiary.

RSM Poland is a Partner of the 11th Edition of the “Accounting Worth Knowing” National Student Conference

4 May 2021
Out of concern for the development and education of youth wanting to be professionally involved in accounting, financial audits and tax and transaction advisory, RSM Poland became a partner of the “Accounting Worth Knowing” conference organised by the students of the Poznań University of Economics.

RSM Poland Growing Stronger in the "Rzeczpospolita" Daily Ranking of Audit Companies

27 April 2021
The 20th edition of the ranking of audit companies published on 27 April of this year in the "Rzeczpospolita" daily saw RSM Poland rank 14th among the largest audit companies by audit revenues and 10th by total revenues. RSM Poland was also ranked higher in the general ranking, taking 25th place on the list of the best audit companies in Poland.

Mergers of Trading Companies Under the Accounting Act Part 1

19 April 2021
Trading companies with similar business profiles often decide to merge in order to grow faster. Mergers are used as a solution to enhance the effectiveness of companies and reduce operating costs, thus achieving synergies.

Foreign currency transactions according to IAS 21

18 January 2021
Business operations often involve foreign currency transactions. These transactions should be accounted for in the domestic currency, which means they must be translated, measured and properly presented. This, in turn, raises a number of questions about domestic and international reporting. The regulations found in International Accounting Standard 21 “The Effects of Changes in Foreign Exchange Rates” offer a helping hand here.

IFRS 5 Non-Current Assets Held for Sale and Discontinued Operations

23 September 2020
Paulina PRUSIK
When keeping the accounting books, you come across many economic events you are obliged to correctly recognise in the financial statements at the end of the reporting period. Sometimes you come across unusual, less common events, such as inventory valuation or reserve recognition. Non-current assets held for sale and assets related to discontinued operations, regulated in detail in IFRS 5, are other examples here.

Differences between the Polish National Accounting Standard 1 (“NAS 1”) and IAS 7 in the cash flow statement

15 September 2020
When looking for information on the condition of the company, users of financial statements very often focus on analysing the balance sheet and the profit and loss account. However, not everyone knows that it is the cash flow statement that contains information about the actual cash position and the direction of cash flows in an organisation.

Measurement of employee benefits under IAS 19

10 August 2020
Katarzyna CEGIEŁKA
Companies are increasingly offering a wide variety of employee benefits to their employees. The question which follows is how to value such benefits, especially the long-term ones. This and other matters relating to employee benefits are addressed in IAS 19 Employee Benefits.

RSM Poland now has ACCA Approved Employer accreditation – Trainee Development Platinum

29 July 2020
In early June of this year, RSM Poland received the next level of ACCA employer accreditation under the ACCA Approved Employer scheme, namely Trainee Development Platinum. This is a confirmation that we meet high standards of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) in our organisation, ensuring development opportunities for our staff through the continuous improvement of their professional qualifications.