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Technology plays a key role in developing and achieving strategic business objectives. Centralising data, process automation and simplification of complex reporting enable companies to increase productivity and compete in the global market.

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IT solutions are becoming increasingly important for our customers, and modern integrated process management systems in a company are seen as the future of any business. They improve the functioning of strategic departments of the company (including finance and accounting departments), standardise processes, and accelerate the flow of information, allowing the management to take reliable decisions faster.

Our IT consulting services, including computerisation of accounting and financial reporting, mainly concern:

  • Analysis of the information needs of the organisation;
  • Assessment of the current system;
  • Determination of the requirements for the desired IT system;
  • Selection of the best IT solution;
  • Support in negotiating implementation and licence agreements;
  • Supervision of implementation works;
  • Configuration and optimisation of the system in terms of the company's IT expectations and compliance with regulations.

Our goal is to ensure that the IT system is tailored to the IT needs of your company, complies with the requirements of the Accounting Act and the Tax Law, and brings tangible benefits to the business.

In the implementation and development of integrated information systems we support both small and medium-sized companies as well as large and multinational companies from various industries.

Our extensive knowledge of business processes allows us to choose the best solution for your company and provide support in all phases of implementation of information systems, including large ERP systems.


We specialise in the implementation, optimisation and localisation (translation and adaptation to Polish requirements and standards) of the NetSuite software. We integrate Financial, CRM and Business Intelligence modules.



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