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The RSM Poland Blog is a practical guide to taxes and business. Written by advisors, auditors and experienced consultants, this space is dedicated to all those who make business decisions on a day-to-day basis. The blog is addressed to entrepreneurs, Tax Managers, CFOs and Chief Accountants: it’s been designed to serve professionals in areas of financial reporting, accountancy, taxes and corporate finance.  We would like to use it as a tool for communicating some of the most interesting tax and economic topics, discussing issues related to incorporation and organisation of companies, touch on transfer pricing and reporting in accordance with Polish and international standards, as well as to study other key notions commonly related to running and managing a business.


Our posts will be making reference to important and current issues that are typical in a company's day-to-day dealings. We will be discussing problems most frequently faced by taxpayers, accountants and financial personnel. You will be provided with information that is of interest not only to entrepreneurs operating in Poland, but also to foreigners delegated to work here, as well as foreigners who are still considering investment in the country upon the Vistula. Current events will be discussed in the context of local, European and international regulations bringing shape to tax law and reporting standards. 

We will do our best to have even the most complex subjects explained in a concise and practical way, using language that is free from legal and financial speak.

We trust our blog to serve as a source of information and provide support to all those who seek to pursue their business objectives in a safe and effective manner.

Feel free to follow our posts, comment and ask questions.

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7 February 2019

The United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union will make it impossible to apply the convenient solution, namely the simplified procedure of accounting for intra-Community trilateral transactions. Without it, it is possible that a Polish entrepreneur will have to register in the United Kingdom for VAT purposes.

4 February 2019

Quality financial reporting, confirmed by an unqualified opinion of an auditor, seals the victory, proving that the information flow in the entity is flawless, the underlying aim of reporting is understood and the business is correctly reflected in the financial statements.

28 January 2019

As business cooperation between Poland and Germany grows, there are more and more domestic entities that make and further enhance their strong presence on the market west of the Oder River, as well as more and more German companies that decide to launch or intensify their business operations in Poland.

What form do foreign investors choose for their business in Poland?

20 January 2019

Advisory and legal services are among the industries (along with telecommunications, IT and real estate) where the evaluation of the actual impact of the new regulations (IFRS 15) on financial statements is going to require a meticulous analysis of the new standard as well as the terms and conditions of contracts concluded with customers.

12 January 2019
Magdalena PRAJSNAR

On 1 January 2019, many changes in the labour law regulations entered into force, primarily involving the rules and principles of keeping, storage and the format of employee records. The scope of employee records itself has changed, as well. Are these changes for the better?

7 January 2019

We have recently devoted a lot of attention to the IFRS 15 standard which has introduced uniform principles for determining the time of recognising revenue irrespective of the service performed or the goods supplied (with certain exceptions). Today we are going to discuss the impact of these changes on reporting in companies on the example of recognising revenue from the performance of construction services.

21 December 2018

In our previous posts we have presented four steps of the model framework for revenue recognition. The last step of the five-step model framework described in IFRS 15 is to recognise revenue once conditions related to different contract elements are met.

19 December 2018
Agnieszka NOSOWSKA

In the last post on the new standard of IFRS 15 we discussed determining the transaction price (the third step in the five-step model framework). Today we are going to take a look at the next stage, namely price allocation.

17 December 2018

An entrepreneur is bound to face many situations that will require contacting Polish authorities, not only in the process of establishing a company and registering it, but also when fulfilling reporting obligations. Today I would like to discuss these basic reporting obligations of business entities with foreign equity participation

13 December 2018
Agnieszka NOSOWSKA

Recently, when discussing the five-step model framework and determining the transaction price according to IFRS 15 we mentioned the methods of estimating the transaction price; we have decided to elaborate on these methods in today’s post.