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Green light for remote meetings and adoption of resolutions by companies’ governing bodies

23 April 2020
The Anti-crisis shield is to counteract the crippling effect of the current, extraordinary situation related to COVID-19 and the resulting state of emergency on holding meetings and adopting resolutions by the governing bodies of limited liability and joint stock companies. READ THE FULL ARTICLE WANT TO KNOW MORE? Subscribe to RSM Poland Newsletter to stay up-to-date on all legal, financial and tax matters. Benefit from the expertise of our professionals. Subscribe Should you have any questions...

Sale of a company during the epidemic-related crisis

22 April 2020
The M&A transaction market is subject to business cycles. As it depends on the current situation of a business, there may be some ups and downs. Recently, due to the SARS-COV-2 pandemic and the emerging global economic crisis, company owners who planned to sell their businesses are now beginning to question the idea: does it make sense to sell a business at the time of a crisis? READ THE FULL ARTICLE WANT TO KNOW MORE? Subscribe to RSM Poland Newsletter to stay up-to-date on all legal,...

COVID-19 pandemic and transfer pricing

14 April 2020
The current pandemic has a significant impact on transactions between affiliated entities. Deadlines for taxpayers’ obligations related to submitting declarations of the local file preparation and information on transfer prices remain effective, i.e. they fall on 30 September 2020. Under Art. 31z of the so-called special act, the time limit has been extended until 30 September 2020 for entities beginning their fiscal year after 31 December 2018 and finishing before 31 December 2019. READ THE...

Anti-crisis shield in connection with COVID-19 – tax solutions

6 April 2020
On 31 March a long-awaited act was announced amending the act on special arrangements related to preventing, counteracting and combating COVID-19, other infectious diseases and resulting states of emergency and certain other acts. Please find below our selection of crucial regulations regarding tax law.   Property tax Municipal councils have been granted authority to exempt for part of 2020 certain groups of business entities whose financial liquidity has deteriorated due to adverse effects of...