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Offered support

The period of economic slowdown does not necessarily have to be a bad time for businesses. History teaches us that changes can be effectively turned into success, and taking right decisions is key.

Our special support includes:

Tax advisory:

  • filling in applications for the Anti-crisis shield solutions;
  • assistance in reclaiming VAT;
  • tax audit;
  • support in submitting applications for payment in instalments (including tax arrears);
  • support in submitting applications for cancellation of tax arrears.

Operational advisory:

  • support in devising a bridge business strategy;
  • working capital management;
  • cost optimisation;
  • audit of profit centres;
  • financial modelling aimed at streamlining business processes (e.g. budgeting, reporting).

Transaction advisory:

  • restructuring through ownership changes: by selling off the entire enterprise or its part;
  • spinning off and selling unprofitable parts of an enterprise;
  • consolidating the market and reinforcing market position by purchasers;
  • raising capital or obtaining debt financing;
  • entering into cooperation with business partners and strategic investors.

Cyber Security:

  • checking the business’s preparedness for remote working while reducing cyber risks;
  • organising an on-line training for employees on phishing, remote working (to raise awareness and provide tools protecting against future attacks);
  • devising a safety plan, ensuring business continuity after the crisis.

Accounting and payroll advisory:

  • assistance in filling in applications for postponing the payment of social insurance contributions;
  • accounting and payroll services provided on-line.

In an exceptionally difficult economic environment, it is crucial to:

  • make the most of current economic situation;
  • devise and implement crucial internal changes according to current needs;
  • stabilise and improve financial situation;
  • reinforce market position by seeking synergies with other businesses (e.g. through entering a capital group).

Should you have any questions or need for support, we invite you to contact our expert, Sebastian GOSCHORSKI:


Business Development Partner at RSM Poland
Head of China Desk at RSM Poland
tel. +48 61 8515 766
fax +48 61 8515 786