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14th Tax May Day Picnic with RSM Poland

17 May 2021
Next Tuesday, on 18 May at 4:45 pm a meeting with Katarzyna SADOWSKA, Tax Supervisor at RSM Poland will be held, organised as part of the 14th Tax May Day Picnic. Her speech under the working title “Withholding tax vs. the ‘beneficial owner’ status of the payment recipient + case study” will be addressed to students of the Poznań University of Economics and anyone interested in taxes.

We will talk about the latest NetSuite solutions

17 April 2018
We became a Partner of the meeting "Oracle NetSuite - what is your NEXT? Innovative companies operating on NetSuite", during which Hubert SKRUKWA, our Head of IT Consulting, will present the most interesting aspects of that software - which is included in our company’s offer.

An advisor’s role in transactions

29 June 2015
Since I started providing transaction services, in other words advising Clients in purchase and sales transactions as well as enterprise mergers and acquisitions, one question has been constantly on my mind: what is truly an advisor’s role in a transaction? What is my role and what is the role of the other party’s advisor? The answer is pretty clear if a Client commissions RSM to sell their company or to buy one – in such situation, our role is limited to negotiating best price and securing the Client’s interests in agreements. All the actions taken are to satisfy the highest imperative goal „I want to sell” or „ I want to buy”. However, sometimes the imperative “I want to sell/buy” is not as strong as the mentioned “want”. We often hear our Clients saying “I could” and not “I must”, “I would like” and not “I want to”.

When does a company receive a VAT number?

4 May 2015
The completeness of company registration procedure is of material importance for entrepreneurs wishing to start up their business in Poland. From 1 December 2014, new regulations that are supposed to simplify the registration process of the entity into the tax office and the Statistical Office, came into force. Indeed, from then on, once the company is entered into the register of entrepreneurs of the National Court Register,  it is also entered into the register of taxpayers (receives a NIP) and, at the same time, granted the National Business Registry Number (Polish REGON). Entrepreneurs can finally start operating.

Who prepares business valuation – an advisor or a client’s attorney?

30 March 2015
It is evident that in the free-market economy, especially in branches with low entry barriers such as consulting, a customer has a special position. It is our client who, as a buyer of goods and services, determines the success, or failure, of  business we – professional advisors and consultants, run.

Caught between a rock and a hard place – German Desk in action

23 March 2015
Przemysław POWIERZA
It often happens that before the optimization begins, we need to solve problems related to mentality differences – and this is when the huge value added of cooperation with German Desk can be demonstrated.

How to understand company valuation

1 March 2015
Company valuation is a topic most managers and owners are likely to face at some point in running their large-sized businesses. The study is usually elaborated in connection with a prospective company acquisition/sale transaction, allotment of an organised part of the company into the structures of a new entity, or in relation to conditions imposed by regulations on financial review. These are, of course, only some examples – the list of circumstances that require or simply contribute to preparing a professional company valuation is much longer.

Limited liability company or branch? The entrepreneur's legal form dilemma

1 March 2015
Choosing the right business form is of uttermost importance to every entrepreneur. Therefore, before you make the decision it is advisable to learn about all the resulting consequences. If you happen to be a Polish entrepreneur, the task seems rather simple (at least in theory): you browse the Internet (thousands of posts, but which ones are credible?), check on friends and their experiences, and finally there’s a phone call to the Companies House to check out the mundane side of starting a business (what forms need to be submitted, where to pay your fees and how much?).

Hello World: starting an adventure with Transfer Pricing

1 March 2015
Anyone who has ever had the pleasure of attending classes in programming almost certainly had the chance to plumb the mysteries of a programming language known as Turbo Pascal. If so, the phrase in the title of our first post surely sounds familiar. "Hello World" – the words our very first "programme" would usually display on the monitor of our computer. Back then, these two words meant the beginning of an adventure with a new, inspiring tool that would offer tremendous opportunities, namely programming. What better title could there be to celebrate the start of an adventure that may perhaps be different, but still as fascinating and inviting: an adventure with transfer pricing.

Is the support of a tax advisor actually worth the money?

1 March 2015
Tomasz BEGER
From a board member's point of view, an entrepreneur's or that of a foreigner delegated to develop the company's branch in Poland, the subject question is of fundamental meaning. The answer, as is often the case with taxes, is unambiguous. It all depends on how apt you are to take on extra risks and how much spare time you may allow yourself to spend on solving tax riddles…