RSM Poland


Caught between a rock and a hard place – German Desk in action

Przemysław POWIERZA
tax advisor, Tax Partner at RSM Poland
Head of German Desk

It often happens that before the optimization begins, we need to solve problems related to mentality differences – and this is when the huge value added of cooperation with German Desk can be demonstrated.

It didn’t take long before another big project that we received turned out to be a challenging test for our German Desk.

As usual: first visiting our Client in its German premises, then toilsome strategy development here in Poland, planning project implementation, giving feedback to the Client, request for approval for the start and…?  And we have a problem.

Accounting and bookkeeping – Putting the skids under entrepreneurs

Plans and visions of the German management board totally failed to meet expectations and capabilities of the Polish team, who bends over backwards to succeed in implementing a new strategy.  The German Desk advisor again has to be both a trustworthy expert and a diplomat. Any criticism has to be formulated carefully and to the point –  our German Client needs to understand they they can count on active engagement of their Polish employees, but also know that, to achieve their business goals, the employees have to overcome plenty of objective obstacles. Polish tax accounting and bookkeeping are in no way less complicated that their German equivalents. Some things just have to be done. Maybe the project will start a bit later, but it will be fairly prepared and the financial, tax as well as legal risks will be reduced to minimum – and this is the message our Polish team is going to give to the German Management of German Desk.

And as for the engagement of the Polish team: