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Renewable energy

We make use of our wide experience in cooperating with companies providing renewable energy. We offer solutions especially designed for the RE market: transaction advisory, VAT settlement, audit, accounting and HR services. Our team is in regular cooperation with 10+ companies from states such as: Germany, Spain, Portugal and the United Kingdom – all leaders in the RE sector.

Sunny revolution – will RES ignite Polish economy?

9 November 2015
In years to come, RES should constitute one of the fastest growing areas of economy in Poland which also results from the fact that this is still a fledgling market when compared to other EU countries. Opportunity for growth is, therefore, much greater here than on relatively saturated Western European markets.

Green light for investments in Poland

16 October 2015
Although it may not be obvious to everyone, Poland is indeed a country which is becoming an extremely attractive market for those who wish to invest in renewable energy sources.

The New Renewable Energy Act introduces significant advantages for prosumers

15 April 2015
On 20 February 2015 the Polish Parliament adopted a new Act on Renewable Energy Sources (hereinafter the RES Act) which aims to reduce the consumption of energy from traditional sources. It was signed by the President on 11 March, and promulgated in the Journal of Laws 2015 item 478 on 3 April. It will come into effect 30 days since the promulgation. Apart from regulations that are material from the point of view of energy trading, which will enter into force as early as on 1 May 2015, the Statue introduces regulations regarding mechanisms and instruments to support generation of electrical energy from renewable energy sources, agricultural biogas and heat in installations that renewable energy sources, which will become effective not until 1 January 2016.