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15 July 2019

The Cash flow statement is an element of financial statements. However, not all entities applying the provisions of the Accounting Act are obliged to prepare a cash flow statement.

21 December 2018

In our previous posts we have presented four steps of the model framework for revenue recognition. The last step of the five-step model framework described in IFRS 15 is to recognise revenue once conditions related to different contract elements are met.

17 July 2017

The company's activity, including the acquisition and production of assets, is often financed from external sources (loans or credits). Such type of financing involves the payment of interest and other costs associated with the borrowing of the funds, i.e. the borrowing costs.

14 September 2015

Business transactions conducted by taxpayers require appropriate documentation.

That is a reason for keeping tax books. They constitute an evidence for proper accounting and they should, therefore, reflect the actual state.

Only reliably and correctly kept books may be considered an evidence in the case of tax proceedings pending before tax authorities.

20 July 2015

An error in a financial statement may happen to any business unit. Often, errors will be revealed after the statement has been signed or even approved. According to the National Accounting Standard No. 7, all business entities are obliged to correct any error that has been revealed, regardless whether such errors pertain to the current trading year, or previous years.

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