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Entries from March 2021


31 March 2021

More and more businesses decide to build their future taking into account the Corporate Social Responsibility – CSR, which certainly works for the benefit of the company image. One of the ways to support local communities may be a donation. If certain conditions are met, a legal person making an in-kind or cash donation may claim an income tax relief. Let’s check then if helping may indeed pay off.

29 March 2021
Aleksandra DUSZA

In January 2020, the Ministry of Funds and Regional Policy announced that they had commenced works on a draft act amending certain acts in connection with the transfer of assets from open pension funds (OFE) to individual pension accounts (IKE).

The money accumulated in open pension funds are going to be transferred by default to individual pension accounts or –upon request of the OFE account holder– to the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS). Unfortunately, whatever the choice the future pensioner makes, part of the funds will be lost.

15 March 2021
Małgorzata SKÓRA

Determining the value of assets and liabilities affects items presented in the balance sheet (statement of financial position of the entity). What is more, it defines the financial result of the company. Given the fact that one of the tasks of accounting is to provide the information about the economic value of the entity, fair value began to be popular both for the initial valuation and for the balance sheet valuation. This valuation parameter, corresponding to the arm’s length value by definition, has become a source of great controversy, mainly due to accounting abuse.

10 March 2021

The Ministry of Finance has published draft tax explanations on transfer pricing regarding presumption and due diligence in transactions with tax haven entities. The draft explanations are now subject to tax consultation that will last until 20 April 2021. This consultation is open to all entities.