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29 June 2018
Przemysław POWIERZA

I have written a lot so far about how to verify a contractor in order not to be entangled in tax fraud (Link to previous section). However, there is something else that can protect you from the sanctions of the tax authority and measurable business losses (loss of money and reputation). The Ministry of Finance clearly indicated in the Methodology that the assessment of due diligence will also be carried out by the National Tax Administration (KAS) officials taking the application by the taxpayer of the split payment mechanism, which will become effective as of 1 July 2018 into account.

19 June 2018

The last time we discussed lease contract modifications. The next thing that should be addressed and is present in the economic reality is the leaseback. It is very often the case that entities first purchase a given fixed asset (a building, specialist equipment or manufacturing machine) but then, given the lack of funds or as a consequence of streamlining the financing of their investments, decide to sell this asset and lease it back later.

18 June 2018
Przemysław POWIERZA

In the previous parts of this series, we discussed assumptions behind evaluating due diligence at the onset of cooperation with a contractor. The criteria of analysing due diligence for continued collaboration with the current supplier of goods constitutes the next topic.

11 June 2018
Przemysław POWIERZA

In the previous post, we have managed to discuss most assumptions behind observing due diligence at the onset of cooperation with a new contractor. However, this is not all you can do in order to protect yourself against negative ramifications of dubious transactions. What else should be done? You will find the answer to this question below.