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Entries from February 2018


23 February 2018
Karolina HAHN

The revolutionary reform of the National Court Register (NCR), which will soon come into force, may surprise some entrepreneurs. It will cover a very wide range of various technical changes, which fundamentally change the functioning of not only the registry itself, but above all force entrepreneurs into new responsibilities. As we have written about this recently, the financial statements will go first.

22 February 2018

Each of us - both privately and professionally - uses the Internet more and more. According to surveys from 2017, Poles spend almost 6 hours a day on the Internet on average. From March 15, 2018, entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to stay on the Internet even longer due to the possibility of establishing direct contact with Economic Courts through electronic access to the National Court Register (NCR). The Act of January 26, 2018 Amending the Act on the National Court Register and Certain Other Acts (hereinafter referred to as the Act on Changing the National Court Register) is in force, and is currently awaiting publication in the Journal of Laws of Poland and which will come into force from March 15, 2018.

20 February 2018
Katarzyna BUDA

Enterprises functioning on today's market mainly develop in an organic manner, increasing their revenues, profits as well as market position through their internal actions, such as acquiring new clients, introducing new products and services, searching for new markets and distribution channels. Organic growth requires the effective and efficient taking of decisions and strategy planning on the part of the management. That's why inorganic growth is an uniquely interesting alternative.

9 February 2018

The suspension of a business activity causes a great deal of doubt on the part of the taxpayer, not only in the issue of the settlement of taxes and social insurance, but also in keeping the revenue and expense ledger. Let's take a closer look at the obligations that are connected with the taking of this decision and what simplifications the provisions foresee.