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9 June 2017

The results of active operations of business entities that seek to generate revenue are liabilities and receivables arising out of contracts concluded with contracting parties or resulting from the rights and obligations imposed by tax offices, the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) or other state administration units. Today, I would like to draw your attention to the specific nature of receivables and the method of their presentation in the company's balance sheet.

9 June 2017

Today, I would like you to become acquainted with the judgement of the CJEU and I would like to answer the question on how to apply the tax avoidance clause in case of a merger and division of companies and the exchange of shares.

2 June 2017

The main purpose of an external audit is to protect the reliability of financial data presented by market participants in order to effectively reduce economic and investment risk. The role of a good auditor is not only to confirm the reliability of financial data, but also to go a step further, i.e. to identify customer needs, design a solution and implement it together – always in the context of the client's intended business purpose.

1 June 2017

The last blog entry concerning research and development relief (hereinafter: R&D relief) we ended with the conclusion that despite the liberal approach of the tax authorities, which allow the relief to be used by a large group of taxpayers, the effective implementation of the relief requires an in-depth analysis of the regulations that govern it – especially in the context of the specific nature of a given taxpayer's business activity.

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