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15 March 2017

An interesting matter is that it is often easier to buy or sell a big company employing thousands of workers with income counted in billions rather than a company that has several or several dozen employees and generates revenue of (just) several or several dozen million. And paradoxically, it is not about the price that needs to be paid for such an enterprise.

9 March 2017

One of the consequences of participation of foreign capital in a company and belonging to a group of companies from different countries is the financial and accounting system imposed by the group.

Foreign shareholders welcome the information that the Polish Accounting Act allows for the possibility of keeping the books abroad. They forget, however, that there are also other requirements that arise from the Accounting Act or tax acts, whose observance is necessary to ensure the compliance of the books kept in accordance with legal regulations.

2 March 2017
Karolina CHOMIK

Establishment of a company in Poland requires the submission of multiple documents before the state authorities and institutions, e.g. the National Court Register. When a shareholder of the established company is a foreign-invested entity, the number of required documents increases by those drawn up abroad. Upon the preparation of relevant documents, foreign entrepreneurs are obliged to legalise them. Then what?