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Entries from March 2016


21 March 2016

When trading with European Union contractors, domestic entities are obliged to undergo some extra procedures. Before concluding their first intra-Community transactions, taxpayers are supposed to register as EU VAT payers. Therefore, they have to submit the VAT-R form or its sole actualisation in order to be granted the right to use a EU VAT number composed of their Tax Identification Number (Polish NIP) preceded with “PL” code.

Even if an entrepreneur is already registered as a UE VAT payer, still, it is not sufficient. The tax authorities have imposed on entities engaged in intra-Community trade an obligation to submit periodical statements concerning concluded intra-Community transactions, commonly known as EU VAT. And yet, are all transactions concluded between EU entities subject to the obligation of being included in the return? Well, not really.

4 March 2016

At a certain stage of life of a company the owners may be considering its selling off. This may be due to a difficult market situation, synergies stemming from the merger with another entity, the age of the owners or their new plans for the future and the many diverse factors. Not every company, however, is in the position to be taken over. Well, maybe this is too strong a statement – any company is capable of being acquired, however, the price is not always attractive to the seller. Often one can hear about companies being bought “for a dime” and it does not always apply to companies in debt. Why is it that some companies change their owners under good conditions and others are never taken over?