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22 February 2016

A questions is often asked on the topic of limiting costs in capital companies as to whether members of the supervisory board are entitled to remuneration on account of their function in the said company. Some will say that the work contribution or the time devoted to executing the duties of a supervisory board member (especially a small one), of a limited liability company are so insignificant that they do not substantiate the need for the payment of remuneration to them on that account. Is the above statement legitimate and is such a saving in fact profitable for the company?

8 February 2016
Przemysław POWIERZA

Close relationships between our advisors and customers indicate, however, that we prefer to focus on business: We neither expect much from politicians, nor do we think that they will be able to spoil too much. The key issue is that business relationships between Warsaw and Berlin should run smoothly. Still, not so long ago there was no need for discussing political issues in the context of running business in Poland. It seems, however, that we are forced to use these competencies within the German Desk as well...