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19 October 2015

Operating a business is inevitably related to the obligation to operate a full accounting system. An enterprise may keep the accounts on its own or by hiring an accounting firm. The most often method to satisfy this obligation is to keep the accounts in the form of a revenue and expense ledger (PKPiR), i.e. so-called simplified accounting. The second method requiring more efforts and costlier is the full accounting system. Therefore, it is worth knowing what entities are obliged to operate such full accounting system and how one could prepare to do it.

14 October 2015
Przemysław POWIERZA

The job of a tax advisor is to keep tax issues from overwhelming a business. Therefore, hand in hand with our Client, we struggle to come up with such schemes of company’s functioning which would earn the name “business first”.

5 October 2015

In my previous post I brought up the topic of difficulties which result from predicting conditions under which entrepreneurs will have to operate in the future. This is indeed a key challenge when specifying the scale and directions in which a company develops, as they are the key factors influencing the ability to create value. Therefore, despite difficulties, one should neither neglect nor belittle this very process.