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EU VAT – a summary of concluded intra-Community transactions

21 March 2016
When trading with European Union contractors, domestic entities are obliged to undergo some extra procedures. Before concluding their first intra-Community transactions, taxpayers are supposed to register as EU VAT payers. Therefore, they have to submit the VAT-R form or its sole actualisation in order to be granted the right to use a EU VAT number composed of their Tax Identification Number (Polish NIP) preceded with “PL” code. Even if an entrepreneur is already registered as a UE VAT payer, still, it is not sufficient. The tax authorities have imposed on entities engaged in intra-Community trade an obligation to submit periodical statements concerning concluded intra-Community transactions, commonly known as EU VAT. And yet, are all transactions concluded between EU entities subject to the obligation of being included in the return? Well, not really.