OHS trainings for employees – how often should they be repeated?

11 January 2023
The Labor Code imposes an obligation on employers to provide the workers with safe and hygienic work conditions and to conduct the trainings in the field of OHS. It should be noted that the trainings should take place during working time and their cost should be paid by the employer.

Work and sick leave during the same day. What about the salary for the time worked?

10 January 2023
When a worker gets sick, the employer generally pays them sick pay or sickness benefit. Sick pay includes the first 33 days of illness in a given calendar year, with an exception of workers over 50, for whose sick pay includes the first 14 days of illness. The payment of sickness benefit starts from the 15th day of illness for the workers over 50 and from the 34th day for others.

Employment certificate – a practical guide

9 January 2023
An employment certificate is a document that almost every person actively working full-time has had to do with. Basically, it is a simple employment record form that the employer fills out to the best of his knowledge and gives to the employee after the end of the employment relationship. Although it is a prosaic and mundane duty, the diligence in completing this document (and the deadlines for its submission indicated in the regulations) should not be underestimated, because in the event of negligence the consequences for the employer can be really severe.

Unpaid leave – basic rules

8 December 2022
How can an employer grant an employee unpaid leave? And who is entitled to such unpaid leave? Most employees are familiar with the most popular types of leaves and have at least once in their lives used the days of holiday leave guaranteed by the Labour Code, took leave on request, training leave, parental leave or special leave. However, taking a few days off unpaid is something that both employees and employers often remain wary of. How to approach this topic and what should we know about it?

Client onboarding in an accounting firm: what to look out for if you want to start off on the right foot?

27 May 2021
When onboarding a new client to your accounting firm, a member of your staff dedicated to support this particular entrepreneur should focus on many things, starting from building a good relationship to implementing proper procedures that will help identify specific needs your client has.

RSM Poland a sponsor of Smart Outsourcing Online Summit 2021

26 April 2021
Preparing for the “new normal” will be the focus of the online event scheduled from 4 to 6 May 2021 and supported by our company. Experts from all over the world will discuss ways of doing business effectively in a changed regulatory environment and under extraordinary circumstances caused by the continuing COVID-19 pandemic.