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Sector insights

Discovering the Special Economic Zones in Poland

12 January 2016
At present, the Polish Special Economic Zones incorporate 18,687 hectares, investments worth EUR 25.5 million, nearly 296,000 newly created jobs and growing interest from entrepreneurs and potential employees.

The Luxury Goods Market in Poland nowadays and in the future

12 November 2015
Seeing today's lifestyle of Poles, it can be concluded that Poland forgot about the gray communist era for good. This is above all confirmed by the accelerating growth in the quality of life of the middle class society. Better quality of life has led to an increase in demand for luxury goods, which an average Pole could not afford even five years ago. We are talking mainly about the products from the automotive industry and fashion. Although the value of the luxury goods market in Poland is still much lower than in the developed countries, it is characterized by a rapid rate of growth and very optimistic predictions for the forthcoming years, which arouses great interest both in businessmen and economists.

Green light for investments in Poland

16 October 2015
Although it may not be obvious to everyone, Poland is indeed a country which is becoming an extremely attractive market for those who wish to invest in renewable energy sources.