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30 April 2018

So how do we go about bookkeeping if we want to seize the opportunity of keeping the books abroad within the established structures, which reduces the company’s costs, while avoiding any additional costs that may be incurred in the event the correctness of the bookkeeping is challenged? Theoretically the easiest, yet often the most difficult solution is to rely on properly configured bookkeeping software.

24 April 2018

When a year ago one of our colleagues, Radosław OSMÓLSKI, wrote about the major pitfalls of using a foreign accounting system for keeping the books of accounts of a Polish company (read here), we have already had some experience both when it comes to shadow accounting and advisory on system solutions enabling reporting that would meet the needs of the Polish financial reporting and tax system. However, we are moving on every year, as we are working with an ever growing number of foreign financing and accounting systems and we are looking for even better solutions for our customers, so that doing business in Poland does not become a bureaucratic nightmare for them. That is why today we are going to focus not only on the form, but also on the place of bookkeeping.

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