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Entries from November 2015


17 November 2015

Apart from issues related to inaccurate presentation of figures in the balance sheet as well as profit and loss accounts, one may often encounter various shortcomings in relation to the cash flow account which is an important starting point for the analysis of the degree of financial liquidity of an undertaking as well as cash flow in the company. There may be also errors in respect to the notes to the financial statements and the most common one is the lack of adequate disclosures, including those relating to economic events which, in the given period, do not relate to the account books, yet they may have a significant impact in the future.

9 November 2015

In years to come, RES should constitute one of the fastest growing areas of economy in Poland which also results from the fact that this is still a fledgling market when compared to other EU countries. Opportunity for growth is, therefore, much greater here than on relatively saturated Western European markets.