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28 May 2019

The Ministry of Finance is continuing its efforts to make the tax system more effective. Already as of 1 January 2020, prior to making any payment of a VAT invoice, the taxpayer shall be under obligation to verify whether the bank account number of the vendor has been revealed in the register kept by the head of the National Revenue Administration (NRA). This obligation, relating to payments exceeding PLN 15,000 made between entrepreneurs, is introduced in the Act of 12 April 2019 amending the Value Added Tax Act and Certain Other Acts which is now awaiting the President’s signature.

23 April 2019

In Q1 2019, the number of insolvency and restructuring proceedings increased from 213 to 224 as compared with the same period last year. Among industries with the highest risk of insolvency, the highest increase in the number of proceedings was recorded in wholesale trade (as much as 41%).

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