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7 January 2019

We have recently devoted a lot of attention to the IFRS 15 standard which has introduced uniform principles for determining the time of recognising revenue irrespective of the service performed or the goods supplied (with certain exceptions). Today we are going to discuss the impact of these changes on reporting in companies on the example of recognising revenue from the performance of construction services.

21 November 2017

The main task of financial reporting is to provide information about an entity's financial position to any interested parties (stakeholders). In order to meet this requirement, financial statements should present a fair and true picture of the condition of the entity’s assets and liabilities, its financial position and financial result. How does one understand such a statement?

25 May 2017

In March, RSM Poland participated in the European conference on due diligence. The meeting with transaction advisors from across Europe allowed for the exchange of experience and views concerning methods of conducting due diligence, which are different in Poland compared to Western countries.

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