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Funding development services


A development service

A service aimed at acquiring, maintaining and increasing the knowledge, skills and social competences of entrepreneurs and their employees, including the one leading up to gaining qualifications, or allowing for the development of a company. The classification of development services consists of two main categories:

  • training services, 
  • counselling services (including counselling, coaching and mentoring).


The amount of funding

The maximum amount of funding for one entrepreneur is dependent on the size of the company and within the support contract delivery date period shall be:

  • for micro-companies PLN 15,000.00
  • for small companies PLN 75,000.00
  • for middle-sized companies PLN 400,000.00.


One can independently verify what category the company falls into. Inorder to do that, one ought to use the SMEs quantifier available at: website is also available in Polish).

Funding level

  • Funding level of development services is 50% of the expenses for their purchase. After having met the criteria mentioned in point 2 and point 3, the value of funding might be increased to 70% or 80%.
  • The maximum level of funding is 70% of the cost of the development services when the company meets at least one of the following requirements:
    • when the service development is acquired, or its qualifications are recognised by
      Integrated Register of Qualifications (IQR), which can be found at;
    • when the entrepreneur has received support for the management of strategic enterprises 22. PO WER.
  • The maximum level of funding is 80% of the cost of development services, when the company meets at least one of the following requirements:
    • when the company operates within the area ofWest Pomeranian Voivodeship’s smart specialisations sectors (West Pomeranian Voivodeship Classification of Smart Specialisations);
    • when the entrepreneur operates within the area of West Pomeranian voivodeship’s Special Incorporating Zone located in the voivodeship (the list of municipalities SSW);
    • when thefunding development services participants are above the age of 50/or possess low qualifications (secondary education level, including A-level graduates);
    • When the funding development services participants are high-growth companies. The company with the highest potential to generate new vacancies in the region, in comparison with other companies, and, in particular, demonstrating minimum average revenue growth of 20% in a 3-year period.


How to receive the funding

  1. specify your development objectives
  2. chooseyour development services
  3. fill in your application form – you will be notified whether your application has been successful within 14 days from the application submission
  4. sing the support agreement with your operator
  5. participate in a development service and complete a survey evaluating the service at
  6. submit your billing documents


Refund conditions

The entrepreneur covers all the costs with their own financial means, only then they may be refunded after the submission of all the required documentation to the operator. The entrepreneur submits their billing documents within 14 days from the development service taking place. They include:

  • the return form containing: the information confirming the completion of the service, costs, the number of employees and their details
  • accounting records
  • confirmation of payments for individual accounting records and the completion of the development service
  • survey evaluating the development service, which can be found in the development services database


The refund is granted within 14 days from the submission of accurate and complete documentation.



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