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14th Tax May Day Picnic with RSM Poland

17 May 2021
Next Tuesday, on 18 May at 4:45 pm a meeting with Katarzyna SADOWSKA, Tax Supervisor at RSM Poland will be held, organised as part of the 14th Tax May Day Picnic. Her speech under the working title “Withholding tax vs. the ‘beneficial owner’ status of the payment recipient + case study” will be addressed to students of the Poznań University of Economics and anyone interested in taxes.

Monika SMAGA an Expert of Inforakademia

7 May 2021
”SAF-T, White List of Taxpayers, split payment and preventing payment backlog: a practical guide for SAP users” is the title of a free webinar organised by Inforakademia for the staff of financial and accounting departments working with the SAP system, to be held on Tuesday, 11 May, from 10:00 to 11:30 am.

RSM Poland Ranked High in the Ranking of Tax Advisory Companies

15 April 2021
In the 15th edition of the ranking of tax advisory companies prepared by Rzeczpospolita, a leading national economic and legal daily, RSM Poland maintained its high 14th position in the ranking of the largest companies by headcount, and was ranked among the top 20 largest companies by revenue, thus recording a year-to-year increase.

Standard Audit File for Tax – a requirement which applies to all entrepreneurs as of 1 July 2018

29 June 2018
Przemysław POWIERZA
As of 1 July 2018, filing of the Standard Audit File for Tax (SAF-T, in Polish abbreviated as JPK) shall applyy to all taxpayers – entrepreneurs keeping their books in electronic format.

Split payment — tackling of tax evasion, continued

29 June 2018
Przemysław POWIERZA
The split payment is a mechanism which was introduced in the Polish legal system with the Value Added Tax Act Amendment Act of 15 December 2017 (Journal of Laws of 2018 item 62), based on solutions used in other European countries (Czech Republic, Turkey, Romania, Italy). However, Polish solution is innovative in many aspects, using solutions that were not yet attempted elsewhere. For this reason in the first phase of operation the split payment system will be voluntary, and the Finance Ministry will be monitoring the effects of its introduction (not only fiscal impacts, we hope).

How to verify a contractor to avoid being involved in a tax fraud (part 4)

18 June 2018
Przemysław POWIERZA
In the previous parts of this series, we discussed assumptions behind evaluating due diligence at the onset of cooperation with a contractor. The criteria of analysing due diligence for continued collaboration with the current supplier of goods constitutes the next topic.

How to verify a contractor to avoid being involved in a tax fraud (part 3)

11 June 2018
Przemysław POWIERZA
In the previous post, we have managed to discuss most assumptions behind observing due diligence at the onset of cooperation with a new contractor. However, this is not all you can do in order to protect yourself against negative ramifications of dubious transactions. What else should be done? You will find the answer to this question below.