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Personal income tax

Provision of services by company CEOs

17 January 2017
Piotr LISS
On 12 December 2016, the judgement of the Supreme Administrative Court (case No. I FSK 742/15) was published setting out the tax consequences of the tax on goods and services for the provision of additional services by the CEO of the company to that company.  

Donation for a partnership – adverse change

13 January 2017
Piotr LISS
In today's Tax Alert we would like to inform you about the effects in income tax that may be caused by the introduction of one's own assets into a partnership, e.g. a registered or limited partnership. The position of the Minister of Finance on this issue has changed recently.  

Invoice correction: correcting revenue and costs. A chance for a „wake-up call”.

22 June 2015
Tomasz BEGER
As it usually happens with changes introduced into the tax law, on the quiet and through the back door a significant change is made as for the moment of including the effects of the issued (or received) invoice correction in corporate income tax/personal income tax calculation. Why is this moment so crucial?