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Women in Politics and the Economy

1 June 2021
Małgorzata JANKOWSKA
Shortly after the results of the US presidential election were announced, Kamala Harris, the first female Vice-President in the history of the United States, said: “While I may be the first woman in this office, I will not be the last, because every little girl watching tonight sees that this a country of possibilities” and this message travelled the world with a lightning speed. With these words, she empowered American women and encouraged them to take up key positions.

The German Desk visits... France

23 May 2017
On 15-18 May, members of the German Desk RSM Poland interdisciplinary Team set off on yet another journey that aimed not only to develop and deepen business relationships with clients and Partners across the Oder but also to integrate RSM’s Poland employees and the German Desk’s teams within the RSM network.

Every country has its own customs, or about the role of culture in business

7 April 2017
Finding a "common language" in business relationships at the crossroads of two cultures is an extremely difficult task. Persons from different countries, cultures, environments, do not have common experience and despite the fact that sometimes there is only the Oder River or the proverbial boundary strip separating us, it happens very rarely that the world view, traditions and belief systems are intertwined.

German Desk with a visit in Bremen

4 January 2016
On December 14 – 15, members of the German Desk RSM Poland interdisciplinary Team went on a subsequent trip to Germany, the aim of which was to develop and strengthen business relations with clients and partners from the other side of the Oder River.

Where does this unfading Polish dynamics come from?

27 July 2015
Przemysław POWIERZA
Very often during our meetings with Clients from Germany the Germans comment on the Polish economic reality. We hear that at the moment of entering Poland, a foreigner is overwhelmed with an impression of dynamics – a lot is going on in our country: numerous building sites, modernizations, renovations… moreover, everywhere one can meet energetic people who, despite typical Polish complaining, look optimistically into the future. A lot of good intentions can be felt, which – against the proverb – contribute to shared success. Cinders, which are mentioned in the word of wheeling and dealing, are nowhere to be seen. But why exactly are Germans so excited about Polish dynamics?

A Pole and a German in one company – do they always have to lead a cat-and-dog life?

18 May 2015
Przemysław POWIERZA
Nobody will deny that the history of Poland and Germany was very turbulent. It’s a bit similar to the situation of a typical married couple – there were moments of very harmonious cooperation but (sometimes long-lasting) silent days as well… Over the years, on both banks of the Oder we have gathered a number of stereotypes about each other. We are slowly trying to defy them – the most effective way is to do business together.

Caught between a rock and a hard place – German Desk in action

23 March 2015
Przemysław POWIERZA
It often happens that before the optimization begins, we need to solve problems related to mentality differences – and this is when the huge value added of cooperation with German Desk can be demonstrated.

The German Desk: More than just advisory in German

1 March 2015
Przemysław POWIERZA
The first months in Poland, as in any new place, are challenging: a foreign country, new people. It may still be the same company, but work organisation is somehow different. Not to mention job challenges  – new tasks, time pressure and HQ are keeping their eye on you... At this point the CFO who had been delegated from Germany to Poland is showered with unfamiliar documents from HR: declaration of this, declaration of that, one information request, then another, further summaries, and on top of all: Forbearance of fiscal crime doer punishment. What is that even supposed to mean??? Just a warm welcome to the institution of income tax in Poland; or rather to those who have the daily 'pleasure' of dealing with the Polish Tax Office.