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Branch and Representative Office of a Foreign Company in Poland: (Attractive) Alternatives to Starting a Company?

16 October 2021
If a foreign company has a temporary project in Poland or would just like to emphasize its presence on the Polish market, a foreign entrepreneur may consider some alternatives to establishing a company in Poland, namely opening a branch or a representative office of its foreign company in Poland.

Representation of a Limited Liability Company Limited Partnership: What Does it Take for a Legal Act by this Partnership to be Valid?

5 May 2021
In our practice of corporate advisory we often come across a limited liability company limited partnership, i.e. a limited partnership where the general partner is a limited liability company. It is very often the case that the limited partner in such a limited partnership is a member of the general partner’s management board. If it is the case, you need to be careful about the representation of the limited partnership and its general partner, i.e. a limited liability company, in any activities related to the operations of your business.

Small business = great opportunities, also abroad

7 August 2015
Whilst browsing the Internet recently, I came across an interesting report dedicated to economic and trade cooperation between Poland and Italy. Among a lot of interesting data referred to in this publication, I paid attention particularly to these relating to the size of Italian companies which invest in Poland.

Planning business ventures – what to do if having neither a glass ball nor a black cat?

13 July 2015
Business activity is continuously connected with foreseeing the future. It is exactly the future, and not the present conditions that decides about success of any enterprise. Whether the enterprise will turn out to be profitable and succeed on the market will result from its ability to foresee prevailing conditions on a widely understood market in the following years. What growth rate will be like, whether the branch of our interest will have to face aggressive competition, how consumer tastes and attitudes will change, in what legal environment we will have to function? Such questions can be multiplied endlessly. What therefore can we do to improve the quality of formulated economic forecasts, and, at the same time, to increase chances of achieving goals established before we start a business venture?

Poland through the eyes of foreign investors

9 June 2015
In today’s post  I would like to share my impressions from a meeting with representatives of A+network Association, in which I participated on 17 April this year in Bologna. The meeting was devoted to Poland and opportunities the country gives to foreign investors, in particular to Italian businesspeople.