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Organisation of the due diligence process – part 1

13 July 2016
Krzysztof WOŹNIAK
The condition for making right investment decisions is possessing reliable and accurate information. In sale and purchase transactions there is a significant asymmetry of information, and the seller always has a significant information advantage over the buyer. In order to minimize the risk related to their potential purchase, investors have developed a series of measures to protect their interests. Due diligence is one of the tools that should be used before making the final investment decision. It should be noted that the higher the investment risk, the more attention should be paid to it.

Corporate LiveWire has honored RSM Poland with the title of Most Outstanding Global Buy Side Advisory & Auditing Firm

4 July 2016
On June 15, Corporate LiveWire announced the list of winners of this year's M&A Awards, granting RSM Poland the title of the Most Outstanding Global Buy Side Advisory & Auditing Firm.

Can you take over any company?

4 March 2016
At a certain stage of life of a company the owners may be considering its selling off. This may be due to a difficult market situation, synergies stemming from the merger with another entity, the age of the owners or their new plans for the future and the many diverse factors. Not every company, however, is in the position to be taken over. Well, maybe this is too strong a statement – any company is capable of being acquired, however, the price is not always attractive to the seller. Often one can hear about companies being bought “for a dime” and it does not always apply to companies in debt. Why is it that some companies change their owners under good conditions and others are never taken over?

Valuation of various types of assets - what are the differences?

11 December 2015
Throughout the course of your business and the transactions you make, you will come across assets of various types and features. Ensuring liquidity of assets depends on whether you are able to determine their value in terms of money. However, there are other reasons why preparing a valuation of assets may prove necessary - transaction goals (trading a certain good) being only one of them. Most often, valuation of a given asset is prepared in connection with reporting requirements or to serve as an opinion in on-going court proceedings. Valuation is also used in management of certain assets as a tool for identifying factors that promote the growth of their value.

Can long-term financial forecasts be reliable?

5 October 2015
In my previous post I brought up the topic of difficulties which result from predicting conditions under which entrepreneurs will have to operate in the future. This is indeed a key challenge when specifying the scale and directions in which a company develops, as they are the key factors influencing the ability to create value. Therefore, despite difficulties, one should neither neglect nor belittle this very process.

Strategic companies under protection

17 September 2015
1st October 2015 will see the Act on control of certain investments of 24th July 2015 become effective. The law aims at protecting strategic Polish companies from hostile takeover, thus improving state security and public order.

A subsequent distinction for RSM at the prestigious M&A Awards competition!

18 August 2015
RSM Poland was honored with the titles of M&A Deal of the Year “Sale of C+N Packaging to PSB Industries’’ & Best for Brand Valuation – Poland and Tax Team of the Year – Poland & Best for Financial Due Diligence 2015 – Poland in this year's edition of the M&A Awards competition. The awards granted since 2010 by the British AI Global Media, Acquisition International Magazine and DealFlow Source are aimed at awarding the most deserving specialists in the business, legal, financial and investment communities.

Planning business ventures – what to do if having neither a glass ball nor a black cat?

13 July 2015
Business activity is continuously connected with foreseeing the future. It is exactly the future, and not the present conditions that decides about success of any enterprise. Whether the enterprise will turn out to be profitable and succeed on the market will result from its ability to foresee prevailing conditions on a widely understood market in the following years. What growth rate will be like, whether the branch of our interest will have to face aggressive competition, how consumer tastes and attitudes will change, in what legal environment we will have to function? Such questions can be multiplied endlessly. What therefore can we do to improve the quality of formulated economic forecasts, and, at the same time, to increase chances of achieving goals established before we start a business venture?

An advisor’s role in transactions

29 June 2015
Since I started providing transaction services, in other words advising Clients in purchase and sales transactions as well as enterprise mergers and acquisitions, one question has been constantly on my mind: what is truly an advisor’s role in a transaction? What is my role and what is the role of the other party’s advisor? The answer is pretty clear if a Client commissions RSM to sell their company or to buy one – in such situation, our role is limited to negotiating best price and securing the Client’s interests in agreements. All the actions taken are to satisfy the highest imperative goal „I want to sell” or „ I want to buy”. However, sometimes the imperative “I want to sell/buy” is not as strong as the mentioned “want”. We often hear our Clients saying “I could” and not “I must”, “I would like” and not “I want to”.

RSM Poland winner at the International M&A Awards competition

19 June 2015
Corporate LiveWire has honored RSM Poland with the title of Most Outstanding Company Valuation Firm – Poland. Awards granted by Corporate LiveWire are aimed at awarding the most deserving specialists in the business, legal, financial and investment communities.