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5 things to consider when purchasing a foreign entity

18 October 2017
Expansion into foreign markets is a great development opportunity for many companies, but it is also often fraught with high risks. Therefore, when acquiring a foreign company, additional factors that do not have such significance in the case of domestic transactions should be considered.

How to lay the groundworks for the sale of a family-run business?

18 October 2017
The sale of a family business is always a far more difficult a process than its divestiture by means of a fund or a large corporation. Selling a family business means a great change for both the entrepreneur - the business owner, and the staff. It also exerts an inevitable impact on the relationships with customers and suppliers. However, such a change primarily affects the owner and staff.

Standardisation of EBITDA, or operating profit in the calculation of a company's goodwill

15 March 2017
An interesting matter is that it is often easier to buy or sell a big company employing thousands of workers with income counted in billions rather than a company that has several or several dozen employees and generates revenue of (just) several or several dozen million. And paradoxically, it is not about the price that needs to be paid for such an enterprise.

Post merger integration: Failing to plan is planning to fail

13 March 2017
Integrating two companies remains one of the most difficult aspects of a mergers and acquisitions deal. More than 70 percent of post-merger integrations fail to capture planned synergies and value. Why?

Organisation of the due diligence process – part 4

13 February 2017
Krzysztof WOŹNIAK
Basically, the place where documents are made available by the seller to the auditor for inspection is the so-called data room. There are two ways to share information in order to carry out due diligence...

Transaction adviser as the Guardian Angel of each investor

30 January 2017
It is not my purpose to enumerate the financial benefits of the due diligence process during negotiations, because this was discussed in the article "Due diligence − a service worth millions", but I want to point out the risk that is associated with too much confidence in yourself and your infallibility.

Organisation of the due diligence process – part 3

27 January 2017
Krzysztof WOŹNIAK
It is widely accepted that the first stage of the due diligence process is the signing by the parties of a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

Don't let working capital kill the deal

18 December 2016
In today’s competitive market, deal-makers want to complete transactions quickly at the right valuation. To ensure this outcome, starting the working capital mechanism discussion at the onset of a transaction is more important than ever.

How to revive the capital market in Poland - RSM Poland at the 1st Congress of Polish Capital

15 December 2016
The 1st Congress of Polish Capital - an event aimed at the exchange of experience and contacts between the receivers (entrepreneurs) and providers (PE, VC and TFI funds) of capital was held in Warsaw on 5 December.

Organisation of the due diligence process – part 2

16 November 2016
Krzysztof WOŹNIAK
In connection with the said diverse economic realities where due diligence may take place, as well as due to the uneven demand of stakeholders, the analysis may involve different aspects of activity of a potential investment.