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VAT compliance in Poland

Hundreds of invoices each month both issued for and issued by local and foreign businesses. Tax-exempted transactions, differently tax rated transactions, Intra-Community transactions and import business. Different implementations of similar tax regulations across countries, diverse practices of administrative officials... in such a maze of external conditions and economic events, crucial for proper VAT settlement, it is easy to make a mistake. A mistake which might generate quite substantial additional costs for a business. At the same time people responsible for taxes in the company might be held personally responsible for any mistake in the tax documentation.

Our VAT compliance service can help you out in getting everything under control. Your role will only be limited to forwarding source documents and we take care of the rest. Verifying submitted papers, preparing and submitting a suitable statement to the tax office is all included in our service. We can also adjust range and type of assistance we provide to the requirements of your business: you can outsource all of the tasks connected with VAT compliance services to us or seek help in a specific area or issue your company is facing.


Should you require our assistance in VAT compliance in Poland, please contact our expert Przemysław Powierza:


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