Tax services for expats

Undoubtedly Poland is becoming an ever more attractive labour market with year by year many foreigners deciding to relocate to our country for work. Moreover, a growing number of foreign businesses resolve to base their branches and representative offices in Poland. To this end the management of such companies is often comprised of professionals with experience in operating on other foreign markets. Having a foreigner (expat) working in Poland, however, implies the need to meet certain conditions and is often subject to non-standard taxing, different to those applicable to Polish residents. Further difficulties arise when social and health insurance has to be settled.

That is why we offer the comprehensive support of our experienced team in processing income received by expats. We will happily perform all paper work related to registration as well as organise payment of tax and social insurance contributions. We will verify source documents, such as employment contracts, resolutions, manager contracts as well as any other type of contract describing remuneration and in-kind benefits for expats. Expect us to advise you on finding a suitable form of employer-employee cooperation in order to maximise savings on tax.

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