Tax planning

Our team deals with finding and implementing solutions to effectively optimise tax burden. To this end good knowledge of not only tax law is required, but also a general understanding of all aspects and forms of business operations permitted by law. This type of action requires a comprehensive approach, which – thanks to our experience of many years – we are eager to provide for the benefit of our clients.

Entrepreneurs often wonder how to lower their tax burden. More often than not the key to decreasing tax burden is within arm's reach – yet it takes the knowledge and experience of a professional to notice the solution. Thanks to the many years we have been dealing with taxes our knowledge in this field is more than sufficient. By keeping track of case law and juristic writing we are able to offer solutions that are both very effective and safe.

At the client's request we prepare a review of the current tax burden and search for solutions to promote effective optimisation. It is worth to underline that as tax advisors bound to comply with rules of our vocational ethics as well as provisions of the Act on Tax Advisory we cannot offer solutions that go against the law. That is why each of the schemes we advise to our clients is always strictly within the law.

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