Tax opinions

A manager's main role within the enterprise is making choices and decisions, not least in the area of finances. The company's future often depends on the accurate performance of a single business operation. Before making a decision it is crucial to have analysed all potential consequences, including those tax-related.

Our task is to safely guide our clients through the intricacy of complex regulations, indicate risks and direct to possible solutions that may prove more profitable. Our offer encompasses the preparation of written tax opinions regarding any aspect of tax law application. We provide comprehensive analysis of tax impacts resulting from specific business events, trading operations, contracts and plans of our clients. This allows you to avoid unpleasant surprises in the future or otherwise take measures to remove adverse impacts of events that have already taken place.

In some cases our position will differ from official tax rulings issued by tax authorities. However, we are always prepared to stand by our opinions should a possible dispute with tax authorities arise – simply because we know we are right. Our opinions are based on thorough, grounded knowledge and vast experience.

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