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Shelf companies in Poland

In our offer you will find completely registered limited liability companies (Polish: Sp. z o. o.) ready to start your business without any unnecessary delay. The offer is addressed to all persons/enterprises willing to purchase a complete, ready entity and immediately start operating on the market.

The shelf companies we offer are fully registered. Each of them has its own:

  • Registration number in the National Court Register (KRS);
  • Registered seat in one of our offices in Warsaw or Poznań;
  • Tax registration (CIT, VAT, VAT, UE);
  • Registration with the National Statistical Office (Polish: GUS) - so-called REGON number;
  • A flexible company deed with a wide range of registered business activity;
  • An active bank account;
  • Valid accounting books.

In the contract of sale of shares we guarantee that the shelf company has never conducted any business activity, does not have any assets, employees nor commercial liabilities. If required, it is possible to introduce necessary changes into the business such as change of name, seat, form of representation and other aspects you might want or need to adjust to your business requirements and further operation on Polish market.

We offer the service of shelf companies sale and handover within just one day. Upon purchase the client shall receive all required registration documents of the economic entity as well as all tax statements submitted to authorities up to the date of purchase.

The client may also outsource all the tasks from the area of accountancy, taxes as well as HR and payroll to our team of specialists. Additionally, our offer includes using the address of one of our offices to serve as the official address of the purchased entity.

Our service has attracted wide interest among entrepreneurs and is considered especially helpful in cases when the moment of entering the market seems of decisive significance, as in planning to purchase a further firm or real estate property.

Shelf companies are usually purchased by entrepreneurs in order to:

  • Enter a local market and commence business activity within a few days rather than a few weeks or even months;
  • Trade real property - Special Purpose Vehicles (SPV's);
  • Purchase a further firm - Special Purpose Vehicles (SPV's);
  • Obtain required licenses or certificates;
  • Participate in a private or public tender.


Should you require further details and a list of fully registered shelf companies in Poland or if you would like to already book one, please contact our expert Anna Lehmann:


tel. +48 61 8515 766

fax +48 61 8515 786