RSM Poland


Retail networks

Our team of professionals is proud of the wide experience in cooperating with retail networks. Our clients benefit from the following services we provide: audit, transaction advisory, advisory in establishing optimal principles for operating retail networks, income tax accounts, VAT settlement, accounting and HR services. We have established regular cooperation with 10+ retail networks from the household appliances & audio/video devices industry as well as the entertainment and fashion markets.

Retail networks are businesses or groups of businesses dealing with the retail of various products (food, pharmaceuticals and beauty supplies, applied electronics, clothing and interior design products) within a well organised network of stores. Retail is a vitally important sector of the economy due to the high share of consumer expenses in the shape of the country's GDP.

Polish retail throughout the recent years has been constantly transforming. Economic changes that started in the 90's led to the Polish market opening itself to foreign capital and welcoming numerous retail networks to our country. Many hyper- and supermarkets appeared on the market, at first mainly in larger city agglomerations. Local retail networks also managed to establish their position on the market, their success often based on a different competitive strategy (price vs. quality).


Transaction Advisory: Bartosz Miłaszewski – Managing Partner

Audit: Marcin Kawka – Audit Partner

Income Tax: Piotr Liss – Tax Partner

Accounting & Payroll: Agnieszka Osińska – Accounting Partner

VAT: Przemysław Powierza – Tax Partner