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Renewable energy

We make use of our wide experience in cooperating with companies providing renewable energy. We offer solutions especially designed for the RE market: transaction advisory, VAT settlement, audit, accounting and HR services. Our team is in regular cooperation with 10+ companies from states such as: Germany, Spain, Portugal and the United Kingdom – all leaders in the RE sector.

The most important factor influencing the market of electricity producers using RE sources is the growing environmental awareness and the developing need for actions to protect the environment. An additional reason behind this market's developing trend is the potential for at least partial independence from fossil fuels used in conventional power generation.

Power generation involving RE sources is entitled to benefit from a support system based on 2 pillars: obligation to purchase power generated by a so-called designated vendor and property rights to origin certificates (green certificates). However, the on-going process of introducing changes into the law is leaning towards replacing the current support mechanism with an auction system.

According to data as of end of June 2014 Poland's total installed RE-based power amounted to over 5 800 MW, with more than 3 700 MW falling in the wind turbine plant category and ca. 1 000 MW in biomass and water turbine plants. Recent years saw the rapid development of wind turbine plants as well as biomass combustion plants. In compliance with contracted obligations, Poland is due to present a min. 15% share of renewable energy sources in power generation by 2020.


Tax Advisory: Piotr Liss – Tax Partner

Audit: Monika Skórka – Audit Partner

Transaction Advisory: Bartosz Miłaszewski – Managing Partner

Accounting & Payroll: Agnieszka Osińska – Accounting Partner