RSM Poland


RE development & construction services

Our team of professionals is proud of the wide experience in cooperating with market leaders in the RE development & construction services market. We support our clients at every stage of business - from investment procurement (identifying investment opportunities, RE due diligence), execution and management (improving RE portfolio value) to sales (organising and structuring transactions, negotiating conditions). Our clients benefit from the following services we provide: audit, transaction advisory, tax advisory (ad hoc, managing disputes with tax authorities), as well as strategic tax planning and accounting. We are regular partners with businesses who manage buildings jointly worth more than PLN 2.5 billion.

A certain result of the 2008 financial crisis have been the constant changes apparent in the real estate and construction service market in Poland. The sector has been focused on rationalising its long-term plans in terms of investments and development, restructuring itself and ever searching for savings. At the moment signs of economic recovery are noticeable, which is a result of slow, yet constant improvement of the economic situation in Poland. The country's capital has noted a record-high number of primary market office building projects, while the supply of modern retail spaces in Poland has just exceeded 10 million square meters.

The real estate market in Poland has a potential for rapid development. Our country is a Central European leader in terms of investment attractiveness and availability of high-class buildings. Our market is also characterised by high fluency, which further encourages potential investors to place their new projects in Poland. A significant share in the Polish real estate market is owned by international players.

According to latest research investors encouraged by the improving situation on the capital market and the growing opportunities in financing are planning to increase their involvement in the RE market. With time investments in real estate may become the main class of assets in diversified portfolios. The first half of 2014 saw the value of investment transactions on the RE market reach EUR 1.4 billion.

The market of commercial real estate may be classified into three basic segments: office buildings, retail space and storage buildings. Each of them plays an undisputable role in the economic growth of the state and is strictly connected with it.

Commercial real estates in Poland are mainly located in large cities. A unique position in this scope, due to its size and business importance, is of course that of Warsaw. Modern storage space is usually built in the proximity of municipal agglomerations and around the country's important communication routes.


Tax Advisory: Piotr Liss – Tax Partner

Audit: Monika Skórka – Audit Partner