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Well-managed and modern enterprises more and more often decide to focus on their primary business targets, leaving other tasks to external, highly-specialised companies. Today's companies, in order to promote success for their owners, clients and employees, choose to concentrate on their primary activity and wisely outsource what they think is necessary – yet may be done better by others. RSM Poland enables clients to benefit from outsourced services in accountancy, reporting, tax compliance, VAT compliance, payment management and payroll.

JPK­_VAT – A Way to Reduce the Gap in VAT

5 June 2019
As a result of a decision taken by the Ministry of Finance (MF) to reduce the gap in the value added tax (VAT) as fast as possible, a new type of report, JPK_VAT, was implemented as along with the latest technology for data verification and analysis.

The dark side of automated bookkeeping processes in contemporary accounting systems

27 May 2019
Magdalena ZARZEKA
Automated bookkeeping processes are inevitable; however, as it is usually the case with progress, there is more to it than just advantages. It can be clearly seen when Clients ask us to keep their accounting books on their own system or when we support accountants working in Shared Services Centres.

Grant-financed fixed assets in books of account

8 April 2019
Barbara BIRYŁO
There are different ways entrepreneurs finance their fixed assets. One of the methods of financing the purchase of fixed assets is to obtain a grant. Such grants must be accounted for, and this is not tax-neutral, as it affects both revenues and tax-deductible costs.

Changes in employee record-keeping requirements as of 2019

12 January 2019
Magdalena PRAJSNAR
On 1 January 2019, many changes in the labour law regulations entered into force, primarily involving the rules and principles of keeping, storage and the format of employee records. The scope of employee records itself has changed, as well. Are these changes for the better?

Reporting obligations for companies with foreign equity participation

17 December 2018
An entrepreneur is bound to face many situations that will require contacting Polish authorities, not only in the process of establishing a company and registering it, but also when fulfilling reporting obligations. Today I would like to discuss these basic reporting obligations of business entities with foreign equity participation

Fantastic accountants and where to find them* or a couple of words about the work of an accountant in an accounting office

21 August 2018
Over the last couple of months, I have been very intensively involved in the recruitment process in our organisation and I talked to male and female candidates who wanted to learn something more about the work in a specific workplace, which an accounting office most certainly is. In wanting to met the expectations, this post has been written for all those who would like to pursue or continue their accountancy career.

We are captured by technology or a couple of words about financing and accounting systems (part 2)

30 April 2018
So how do we go about bookkeeping if we want to seize the opportunity of keeping the books abroad within the established structures, which reduces the company’s costs, while avoiding any additional costs that may be incurred in the event the correctness of the bookkeeping is challenged? Theoretically the easiest, yet often the most difficult solution is to rely on properly configured bookkeeping software.

We are captured by technology or a couple of words about financing and accounting systems (part 1)

24 April 2018
When a year ago one of our colleagues, Radosław OSMÓLSKI, wrote about the major pitfalls of using a foreign accounting system for keeping the books of accounts of a Polish company (read here), we have already had some experience both when it comes to shadow accounting and advisory on system solutions enabling reporting that would meet the needs of the Polish financial reporting and tax system. However, we are moving on every year, as we are working with an ever growing number of foreign financing and accounting systems and we are looking for even better solutions for our customers, so that doing business in Poland does not become a bureaucratic nightmare for them. That is why today we are going to focus not only on the form, but also on the place of bookkeeping.

The Financial Statements in e-NCR

20 April 2018
As of 15 March 2018, a new Article 19e of the National Court Register Act (“NCR”) has been in force, under which the financial statements of companies should be filed with the NCR with the use of an online system provided by the Minister of Justice. For such filing to be effective, they must be signed with a qualified electronic signature or a signature confirmed by an ePUAP trusted profile.

When a company initiates its operations in Poland – how to go through the registration process?

14 July 2017
Aleksandra KORZEŃ
When providing accounting and tax compliance services to national and international entities, I often see how difficult it is for an entrepreneur, especially a foreigner, to go through the company registration process and comply with all the associated formalities.



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