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Merger and Acquisition transactions and obtaining financing are basic sources of investment banking enabling the achievement of specific strategic and financial goals. Mergers and acquisitions provide a number of opportunities for company development with the most important aspects being change in shareholding structure, improvement of financial standing and improvement of market position which typically translates directly to improvement of company value for shareholders.

Our offer covers full scope of investment banking services, including obtaining of any financing forms and advisory services in merger and acquisition transactions. On behalf of our clients, we execute various projects intended to obtain financing to enable the execution of development strategies and achievement of strategic goals.

We assist our clients in carrying out merger and acquisition transactions, both on the buy side and sell side, offering strategic advisory services to entities interested in the purchase of key assets as well as in selling entire companies or their parts not related to basic business operations.

We offer full scope advisory services in the field of merger and acquisition services, including: company appraisal, transaction marketing, due diligence, preparation of transaction structure, obtaining financing (if the need arises) as well as assistance in management of the newly created entity after the transaction has been carried out.

We take all efforts to ensure that each M&A transaction brings maximum added value to our clients. Our advantage is access to an extensive network of international partners which means we are in a position to offer better transaction conditions than advisors operating mainly on the Polish market.


Should you require our assistance in M&A, please contact our expert Bartosz Miłaszewski:


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