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Thanks to services provided by the German Desk our clients save time and reduce additional risk.

Working in an interdisciplinary team we may offer the following:
  • Exchange of information and data in German at every stage of your assignment;
  • Drafting most documents in a bi-lingual format, Polish and German;
  • Swift and professional translations of necessary documents (standard and certified);
  • Assistance of a specialised interpreter during meetings with business partners (as needed);
  • Preparing solutions (in areas of investment management, accountancy and taxing) adjusted to suit owners' native business environment – i.a. differences in regulations of commercial, finance and tax law, as well as differences in business approach, such as relations with employees, counterparties and authorities.

The German Desk Team comprises tax advisors, expert auditors, experts in accountancy and organisational governance, specialised translators (including sworn translators) and lawyers. By working together we are able to comprehensively and fully respond to our clients' needs. Members of the RSM Poland German Desk are not only highly qualified professionals, but also present great language skills and good knowledge of the culture of German-speaking countries. This is how knowledge and experience supports our clients, who have boldly embarked on the journey called "new investment in a foreign country", in reaching their target safely and comfortably.

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Przemysław POWIERZA

Przemysław POWIERZA

Tax Partner

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